Dawn, Brad and 5 monks – our Buddhist marriage blessing

October 7, 2008

In a word – Amazing.  Sunday was our wedding day and the only way it could’ve been better was if all our family and friends were there (here).  The pictures will tell much of the story…but I’ll fill in a bit.  This post won’t do it justice but we’ll try…


We were up before the sun and watched it rise over the Gulf of Thailand from our deck then had some quite time before I headed off to get pampered.


Our ceremony started about 10 a.m. because the monks have to do blessings early because they don’t eat after 12 p.m.  The staff at The Sanctuary really made sure everything came together and it did.  We had 5 monks arrive for the blessing ceremony and they were situated in the Ocean View room that looks out onto the Gulf. Like every day here, it was HOT and Brad and I were damp much of the ceremony but what can you do…

First, let me start with the dress… I just happened by the dress you see in the photos in a boutique the day after we arrived in Thailand and it caught my eye…  I bought it for about 1300 baht ($42) and I’m glad I did..because the one I brought (very simple, off-white linen) Brad wound up thinking it looked like a potato sack.. guess everything happens for a reason.


In the morning, after having three lovely Thai ladies help get me ready, I ascended an extremely long flight of stairs set in a hillside where I met Brad who escorted me to the entrance. There, the monks were waiting and a few of The Sanctuary staff and a handful of hotel guests were seated. We entered and kneeled before the monks…after bowing three times, we lit candles and incense that were placed at the Buddha alter. 


The monks chanted for about 20 minutes – which was so entrancing and beautiful – then we were joined by their headdress which symbolizes union and blessed with holy water (of sorts) and flower petals.  As a finale, we were each marked with 3 dots of clay on our third eye.  The rings were blessed by the monks as part of the ceremony and we exchanged these at the end before we rose. 


At that time, the monks and all others left the room and Brad and I exchanged vows on a rock above the sea.  We wrote our own vows and are eternally grateful to The Sanctuary’s Mike and Zara as well as fellow traveler Eva who stayed to take photos/video – as well as help with all the details and moral support.  Eva also graciously offered to make us a wedding video as she’s on a bit of a respite before returning to Koh Phi Phi Island where she’s a dive videographer.   


We had a relaxing day…photos on the beach, 1 ½ hour Thai massage, dinner in our bungalow.  I just finished a 3 ½ day fast/cleanse so needed tom be mindful of what I ingested but managed to indulge. We were so high…it was the perfect day…great weather…very spiritual setting…and everything we ordered.  Now, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Sauber are getting ready to depart tomorrow and transit back to Bangkok for a night before taking off for Bhutan for two weeks…India for three weeks…back to Thailand for 1 week…then 1 week in Japan.  I think we’ve just spent the longest period in one location so we’re getting geared up for getting mobile, which is so hard given the life we’ve had the last week.


We are so grateful for our families and friends and look forward to celebrating when we return.

4 Responses to “Dawn, Brad and 5 monks – our Buddhist marriage blessing”

  1. mary z. seidel said

    So happy for you both- sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. […] dzongs, chortens and stupas.  Some of these date back to the seventh century.  If you saw our wedding post, you know Brad and I are very much in tune with the Buddhist way of life although I wouldn’t […]

  3. […] dzongs, chortens and stupas.  Some of these date back to the seventh century.  If you saw our wedding post, you know Brad and I are very much in tune with the Buddhist way of life although I wouldn’t […]

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