The BIG 40 in Bangkok

November 16, 2008

Sawadee….Back in Thailand.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Bangkok was have a fresh fruit smoothie…ahhhh. The mango and pineapple here is amazing.  We arrived in Bangkok after a red-eye (not pretty) and mad our way to a boutique hotel on the Chao Praya river.  We checked into the Arun Residence, which is directly across from Wat Arun…otherwise known as the “Temple of the Dawn.” 

From our suite, we had a direct view of the temple, which is absolutely magical and lit up all night.


The 12th was a full moon and the national holiday Loy Krathong during which people set banana boats out along the canals and rivers.  There was also a parade of lighted military boats that made there way right past our balcony and then fireworks…I though Brad was very thoughtful to arrange it all for my b-day. 

After making our way to town and watching some locals dance who had been drinking all day…we made our way to Patpong.  Both Brad and I have been to Bangkok before and neither of us had been to this red-light district before and we figured if we didn’t do it now – who knew if we ever would.  MY OH MY.  Aside from having a large night market, the area is filled with girle bars who do “tricks.”  Since this is a family blog, you’ll need to ask us what the night entailed, but let’s just say I saw things I never need to see again!!


We rang in my birthday and were up until the wee hours, which meant Nov. 13 was a slow day starting.  We made it out to see one of the largest reclining buddha’s then went to — the TEMPLE OF THE DAWN.  Now that we’re married, Brad will always have his own Temple of the Dawn, but this is a truly amazing wat where you can make a steep climb up one of the stuppas. It was a great afternoon.


We then made our way back by water taxi to the hotel where I was surprised with a 1.5 hour Thai massage then dinner and drinks on our lanai looking at…the TEMPLE OF THE DAWN. I couldn’t have asked for a more special b-day…but that’s not the end of the party…my good friend and fellow Scorpio Paul Duckett and I are hosting the 10th anniversary of our 30th b-day party Jan. 2 if anyone is in San Francisco.  But, now we’re headed to the Andaman sea beaches… before we make our way to Tokyo and Kyoto. 


We’re due to land back in the USA the week of Thanksgiving.